How to use this site…

Welcome to Birders Travel — the first and only comparison website for birding tours!

We assume you are on this site because you are considering taking a birding holiday and are trying to decide where and when to go and who is the best tour operator to suit your needs — and you’ve certainly come to the right place to help you make up your mind and even go right ahead and book that trip on the spot!

If you are still making up your mind where to go, and want to know more about the birds and birding in any of hundreds of world locations then visit the appropriate country, state or regional page on our sister site — here you will find lots of information about guides, trip reports, books, National Parks and a great deal more.

Shortly an App will be available so you can access information relevant to wherever you are.

Right — now lets get down to business!

You can browse tour operators or destinations and compare a number of tours, This is the way to do it:

Use the Built-in Search Engine

Fill in the on-line form on the home page…

First you select the destination that you are interested in, from an alphabetical drop-down list.

Next you can, if you wish, select a range of dates from the drop down calendars.

You can then add in the number of days you want on tour.

Now for the best bit… click on “Find” and this will generate a list of all the trips that satisfy your criteria.

If you leave any boxes empty then that criteria will not be used as a criteria for selecting those that will suit your needs. So if, for example, you know where you want to go but are not sure when, or for how long, then just select a destination from the drop-down list and just hit search.

Maybe you are not sure where to go and have set dates for your holiday (like many teachers who can only go away during school breaks) then put those dates in and leave the other boxes blank and hit search to see what trips are running for that time.

If you can go anytime but can only, say, go away for 10 days then just select 10 days in the duration and his the search button… it will show ALL tours that last 10 days.

The itineraries on Birder’s Travel are really summaries — but if you click on a tour title it will take you to the full itinerary on the tour company website.

And, as they say, “don’t be a stranger…” new tour companies are putting their itineraries on line all the time and the choices are ever expanding.

The site is all automated but there are plenty of chances to mail us if you find a technical hitch…

Everyone here at Birders Travel is determined to make this site the one-stop-shop for birding tours any time and everywhere in the world!

NB Many of the tours offered here can be taken ANYTIME by ANY number of people… you’ll need to sort out the details with the tour company and prices may vary according to the number in the group.